August 3, 2018

Other Podcasts That I Listen To

If I have unexpected listening time (extra yard work or driving) or am feeling experimental I will also listen to these podcasts:



This is the follow-up podcast from Mike Duncan, the creator of the History of Rome podcast. The podcast looks at various revolutions in world history and the effect of their outcome.

##History On Fire


This podcast is rapidly moving up in my estimation and is likely to soon make the jump over to my regular schedule. Interesting snippets of history delivered with an interesting and very human touch.

##Must Triumph


A self-described "street-level philosopher" who has interesting observations on life.

##Martyr Made


Be warned that this podcast is dark and sometimes gets darker. No, really. Fascinating material, but I have to listen to it in small chunks because some of the material is so chilling.

##The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

If you haven't heard of Dr. Peterson by now, then you may want to crawl out from under your rock and look around for a while. Some call him "alt-right" (whatever definition that has this week), but I think he's just a good old fashioned liberal from back when liberals were slightly left of center, polite, thoughtful and willing to engage in robust discussion. He's also Canadian, but his lectures and interviews are so interesting that I'm inclined to forgive him for that, even if he does say "bloody" a lot. And most feminists hate him, so he also has that going for him.

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