September 2, 2013

Peter William at One Month

Well, little Peter William turned one month old yesterday. To celebrate this I'll just share a few thoughts. Not in any specific order.

First, although I am completely biased, I do think that he's quite the handsome little fellow. I have been posting a picture a day on Facebook because it's much easier to update than this blog, especially from my phone.

He has passed the tipping point of sleeping more at night than being awake. This is very helpful, especially to the Queen of All She Surveys. We finally tried out a real swaddling blanket on him this week and it made a huge difference. For three nights straight he has slept for six hours after being put to bed fully swaddled. A one month old sleeping for six hours at night is the kind of thing that inspires you to nominate the creator of the swaddling blanket for a Nobel Peace prize!

Having a child at age 46 is something quite different than back when I was 33, and in all honesty that was pretty late. There are good and bad to a child in later life. The good is that I am very patient with him. Yes, screaming is annoying, but not as much as it used to be and while nobody likes getting up in the middle of the night, there is a great selection of kung fu movies and interesting documentaries available on the Internet, so it's not as boring as it used to be. The bad part of being a 46 year old new dad is that I get tired so much quicker than I used to with my daughters.

Going anywhere is more complicated now. So much stuff to drag with us. And we're quite good at forgetting the stroller, so I end up carrying the little fellow in his car seat seat and my arms start to hurt.

Agreeing to work on scraping and painting the wooden siding on the house with a newborn in the house was slightly unwise in retrospect. On the other hand, it needed doing before the snow flies. I'm about three quarters done with the scraping and primering. And then it's top coat time. This coming week is supposed to be cooler, so maybe it won't tire me quite as quickly as last week.

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