February 11, 2014

Pastoral Day Off

Monday is the traditional pastoral day off. And this is a great tradition until you get to thinking about it on a Tuesday morning and realize how much you did on your day off.

I made three pastoral phone calls. Filled out a mileage form for recent church business travel. Uploaded two recorded sermons to our online sermon host and linked to them from the church Facebook page. Wrote an article for our church district's newsletter and chose pictures to go with it. (That should get posted today as well.) Visited a family to take them a meal and coo over their newborn daughter. Vacuumed all of the through-ways in the house to get the winter grit and salt up off of the carpets (and the hair, this is a pentecostal house, so there's always long hair on the carpet as well). Put two loads of laundry through and folded it and put it away. Wrote half a chapter for my upcoming book on Apostolic Baptism.

And to wrap all of that up, we had a family night (we call it awesome night) with the children and watched a nice family movie together on the laptop. Plus I baked two batches of kale chips for our snack.

For some reason I'm moving a little slow this morning. I think I need a day off after my day off! :-)

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