December 31, 2014

Where Is My Global Warming?

Sitting here in lovely Dodgeville, WI with the temperature at 2 degrees Fahrenheit and a windchill of -10 degrees Fahrenheit, what else could my thoughts turn to than global warming? As I am sure is true of many of us in the Upper Midwest, I am quite keen on the idea of global warming. I want some global warming. The problem is that I'm not seeing any. None, nada, zip.

And it would seem that I am not imagining this lack of blazingly warm temperatures. Here are a few headlines that I saw linked from the Drudge Report today and an extra one for good measure.

Global Sea Ice Breaks Record High For The Day

Dueling Datasets: Satellite Temperatures Reveal the 'Global Warming Pause' Lengthens to 18 years 2 months – (218 Months)

Carbon dioxide emissions help tropical rainforests grow faster: Study shows trees absorb more greenhouse gas than expected

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