June 18, 2015

Men Don't Have A Feminine Side

An interesting meme that gets thrown around frequently is that men need to be in touch with their feminine side. This is a feminist trope that is both wrong and unhelpful. The inference is that men are unbalanced when they are being manly and that it would be better if they would behave more like women. If this was true, would not it be logical for the same people to also direct women to get in touch with their masculine side? Of course it would, but you never hear this voiced to women. The entire responsibility is placed upon the men to behave more like women.

The reason that women are not told to get in touch with their masculine side is that women know that they don't have a masculine side. It's very simple. women know they don't have one, so they know that it would be pointless to suggest such a thing to other women. And for the record, guys also know that women don't have a masculine side so we know better than to suggest it. Besides, we like women being feminine, so why would we want to change that?

You never hear guys (manly ones, anyway) telling each other that they need to get in touch with their feminine side. This is because we know that we possess no such thing. Men don't have a feminine side. And that's alright, because the ladies don't have a masculine side either. The good Lord made us men to be 100% masculine and that's how we operate best. We are entirely unlike women once you get past the basic similarities of having the same number of arms and legs. We act and think in masculine patterns.

Certainly we have a few things that have become traditionally thought of as the prerogative of the females of our species. Men, contrary to rumor, do have emotions. We just like to keep them tucked away and distinctly dislike bring them out when there are witnesses to see them. Every couple of years we might retreat to a quiet place of solitude and dust off our emotions to check that they're still there, but other than that, we'll stick to logic thank you very much. Most guys are more sensitive than ladies suspect. Nah, just kidding. Well, sometimes we notice things, but we stay quiet about them until we figure out if the ladies in our lives are unhappy about them.

So, guys don't have a feminine side and quite frankly we're perfectly fine with that. To be fair, we're also perfectly fine with you ladies not having a masculine side either. Let your husband keep being manly and you keep being ladylike and it'll all work out fine.

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