December 27, 2016

Some post-Christmas relaxing

Christmas is wonderful and I love it. I even preached on Christmas Day about how love is the best word to describe Christmas. But after all of the seriousness and fun and gathering with family there comes a time to flop down and relax and be thankful and grateful for it. And this is that day.

Christmas started for us on the 23rd, a Friday, with a visit to the extended family. The following morning we returned home and had our personal family Christmas time. Sunday morning was church followed by heading home for a delicious lunch, a nap and some local friends over to visit in the evening.

Boxing day was a gentle start and then heading in to Madison to watch The Nutcracker with my brother-in-law and his family and eating afterwards.

Lots of fun and very enjoyable, but now it's time to chill.

Merry Christmas all!

Tags: Personal