January 17, 2017

Favorite Movie Ever

I'm about to get highly opinionated here, so either stop reading or strap yourself in. The topic of favorite movie ever is a contentious one. Yet I am willing to risk the ire of the Interwebs and make a definitive proclamation.

First, my criteria. I have four elements that I love in movies. The more of these present in the movie, the better. Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. Cram those in a movie and as long as it isn't too awful, there's a really good chance I'll like it. I have no issues with handsome heroes and beautiful heroines. Magnificent scenery is always appreciated. A little humor goes a long way. But, over the years, I have narrowed my personal criteria down to Guns, explosions, car chases and aliens. And I'm pretty sure that I'm old enough to stubbornly stick with what I like, so I fully intend to.

So, gentle reader, which movie happens to float to the top of the pile when I apply these criteria? My answer is "The Fifth Element". No one else in the family likes it, but it's still my favorite. Lots of aliens, Bruce Willis back when he had some hair, plenty of explosions and guns and even a brief car chase.

Unfortunately, after looking around YouTube, there are no good trailers available, so I'll pick one of my favorite scenes and share that with you.

Tags: Personal