February 8, 2018

The View Towards Platteville Mound

The View Towards Platteville Mound

A classic from 2002. Taken with a 4MP Olympus C4040Z on a Saturday afternoon in January. As I recall, my wife and I had decided that the sunshine and unseasonably warm day was too wonderful to resist, so we decided to take a drive.

We ended up in Montfort as I wanted to take pictures of the wind turbine towers that stretch along the highway outside of town. On one of our stops so I could take a few more pictures, I noticed this wonderful view. Not a single tower in frame, but it was just so perfect with the road stretching out towards the Platteville mound on the horizon.

This was one of the occasions that led to me realizing that after taking a picture of what you thought you wanted, that you should look around from the same spot as there are many times when I have found unexpected gems just by looking behind me.

A larger version is available

Picture is Copyright (c) 2002 by Simon P. Chappell

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