April 15, 2018

Junkanoo Hot Sauce

Junkanoo Hot Sauce

This is an experiment. My friend Justin and I have a shared love of hot sauces and have spoken on many occasions about starting a website or a blog where we can opine about such things. I just happened to receive this bottle of hot sauce from a member of my congregation when they returned from vacation to the Bahamas. I have a cheeky habit of asking people to bring me a bottle of the local hot sauce instead of a postcard, and I am very thankful that most people humor me and my requests.

This sauce is spicy, but not too hot. It has a nice mix of peppers, but nothing too strong like Habanero peppers. The ingredient list shows Pirate Pepper, Bird Pepper and Chili Pepper. It also has some carrot which is one of the magic ingredients that tame the heat in a hot sauce while preserving the flavor.

I've tried this sauce on a number of food items, but would particularly recommend it on scrambled eggs!

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