September 11, 2018

The International Standard Cup of Tea

I must admit that I was previously unaware that there was such a thing as an international cup of tea. I should have suspected that one would exist, after all, how do you measure the nutritional components of tea if you don't have a standardized serving size and repeatable procedure for making it?

Many thanks to Tom Scott, who I first came across on the Numberphile YouTube channel. He has researched the process, purchased the equipment and bravely set out to make said cup of internationally standard tea.

I am more of a teabag in a mug kind of guy, while The Queen of All She Surveys, has a strong preference for making tea in a Wedgewood teapot and drinking it all fancy. Either way, while I appreciate that there is a standard for tea making for comparative purposes, I think we'll stick to making it the way we've always done.

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