September 15, 2018

Geese at Echo Veterans Memorial Park in Burlington

Geese at Echo Veterans Memorial Park in Burlington

Taken with a 4MP Olympus C4040Z.

During the same visit to the park that produced the previous picture, I saw this scene and liked it, so I captured it.

This is perhaps not a classical photographic composition. That said, it's close to abiding by the rule of thirds, there's at least one subtle diagonal line in the picture, the shadows of the trees make interesting patterns and there are baby geese in the center of the frame, but beyond that it's just a picture at the park. But I like it because it represents one of my favorite types of fun. It brings together in one super representation all of the happy memories from my childhood visits to parks: trees, grass, sunshine, aquatic birds (although we generally have more ducks than geese at British parks) and people relaxing or playing off in the distance.

A larger version is available

Picture is Copyright (c) 2002 by Simon P. Chappell

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