January 7, 2019

Getting Old

The driver of the blue route in the afternoon has a tendency to leave the radio set to the local classic hits station, so when I start it up in the morning, I get whatever classic hit they're playing at that time. I hadn't listened to the classic station for several years, but was pretty sure that they played stuff that my parents used to listen to. Well, lately the station has been playing songs that are squarely from my teens and I'm starting to feel old.

This morning, they were blasting Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. This song was huge during my late teens and was also used as the theme music for the American Footbal show on Channel 4 back in England. Given that misery loves company, I'll share it with you as well. You get the instrumental version, as I don't think that the lyrics come anywhere close to being considered family friendly.

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