April 23, 2020

Working on my Good Habits During the Lockdown

With some extra time, I've been trying to build and maintain some good habits. Some I already had, but have tried to take them further.

Mornings now start by sitting with my wife, drinking tea and reading my Bible. I've completed my reading of the New Testament already this year, so my initial plan of reading through the New Testament twice during 2020 has now been upgraded to trying to read through it three times.

After that, it's off to pick up heavy things and put them back down again as a former co-worker used to say. The heavy things in this case are kettlebells. I've done kettlebell exercises before, but a mostly minor shoulder and elbow injury had caused me to back off from using them and now that everything seems good to go in my joints, it's time to get back to working out with them. To ease back into my workouts, I started with my 36lb kettlebell, but now with a successful month of exercise behind me, I have started incorporating my 54lb kettlebell here and there. I shall include it in more of my routines over the next couple of weeks until it has completely replaced the use of the 36lb kettlebell. I do also have a 72lb kettlebell (because "reasons") but it will take a significant amount f work before I'm ready to start transitioning to that one.

I blogged about my start of learning Greek for the purpose of translating the scriptures yesterday, but it's part of getting on with stuff that I should be doing, so I'm including it here.

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